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Career Coaching

Looking for a new job, feeling stuck in your current career or want to increase your personal performance in your job, then a session around career coaching is the solution you have been looking for. You can contact me below or call me anytime to make a booking.

Life Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by life, exhausted from feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence and anxiety. You feel you are not reaching your full potential and know you need to make a change, but your lack of self-belief is preventing you from taking the first step, then life coaching is for you.

Coaching for stress Management

If untreated stress can take over our lives and seriously affect our mental and physical well-being. We all lead hectic lives and can easily forget to look after our needs and end up being stressed, anxious and burnt out. If stress is an issue for you, then a coaching session around stress management will have huge benefits for you.

Agile Coaching

Is your team about to adopt to using Agile methodologies or is currently using them but is not achieving peak performance? As an agile coach I will serve as an objective party to help navigate common roadblocks and pain points in the adoption process and provide guidance on improving agile. Agile coaching will keep businesses on task while your business embarks on building internal agile development teams — this will help save time, money and resources.

Coaching through Change

“change is the only constant in life” Heraclitus

Is your business currently going through a period of change or thinking about making a change? Change can evoke fear, uncertainty and resistance among employees. Coaching will help bring people through change, it is only when the people have accepted and stop resisting change, that the organisation can reap the benefits. A coach will stimulate and challenge the individual to adopt new behaviours. The coach’s task to maintain a balance between an empathic awareness of the difficulties inherent in change and championing the new initiatives.

Team Coaching

Do you want those teams that you work with to perform to the best of their ability? How might it be if every employee felt part of something larger than themselves and truly believed that their contribution was ultimately making a difference? Team coaching is a fast and effective way to develop even the most average of teams into an effective, energised and focused group of individuals with collective goals and ambitions

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