Finding Your Own North Star

If you are feeling at a crossroads in your life particularly when it comes to your line of work, I would strongly encourage you to read Martha Becks, ‘ Finding your own North Star’. 

The majority of us are so busy being busy that we don’t listen to what is going on inside us.  We refuse to listen to our gut.  Did you ever get that gut feeling, that something wasn’t right for you, but you refused to listen to it and you ploughed on doing what you were doing?  Let me ask you the question – how did that work out for you?  Did it end in sickness or stress or anxiety? 

In the book Beck asks so many questions about where you are in life right now, that it really raises an awareness as to whether what you are doing right now is serving you or not.  

Around this time last year I was reading ‘Finding Your Own North Star’. I was in place where I knew what I was doing wasn’t right for me, but I refused to listen to my gut.  However luckily for me the universe decided to intervene and I was made redundant from my job.  While I was saddened at the loss of my job of 19 years and not being in the company of my friends and colleagues, there was an internal shift in me.  I knew that this was exactly what I needed at that time.  I got to spend the summer with my kids and do things with them I had never had the opportunity to do before.  The redundancy also gave me the opportunity to follow my dream of being a Life Coach. So that’s where I am now and my internal compass is telling me I am on the right path.  

If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of life and feel that you really need to make a change, Life Coaching can help you get clarity about what it is you really want from life and help you set goals that will move you forward in the right direction. 

If this resonates with you get in touch to arrange your transformational coaching sessions or come along to my goal setting workshop Thursday 24thof January in Dunshaughlin  

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