Are you feeling Angry at the moment?

If you are feeling angry at the moment, you need to start asking yourself the question – what am I angry about?  Is it work, your home life situation, are you missing all the things in life you used to enjoy like going to the pub or restaurant, simple things like sitting in a coffee shop or being able to bring the kids to the park.  It will be different for each of us, so list out what it is that is making you angry.  You need to acknowledge what it is you are angry about and get it out of your system, if you don’t deal with it, you will wake up feeling the same thing each day.   It is almost like a grieving process, you need to grieve what it is you are missing from your life.

Once you have released this anger, you have to make sure you don’t let it back in.  One way to try and prevent this from happening is to ask yourself the question, how does my anger affect me.  Does it take you down a rabbit hole and spill out onto other people in your life.   Each time you feel that anger rising within you, tell yourself it is not serving you.

I know when I am angry, I usually take it out on my family and start nagging them all.  I am making a concerted effort not to let the little things that used to drive me crazy affect me as much.  If there are cups and plates left everywhere, I take a deep breath walk back out of the room and speak to them later when I have calmed down a little.   I have to consciously remind myself not to nag them as much, believe me it takes effort and doesn’t always work.   We have to remember that everyone in the house is going through their own stuff, even the kids are affected by this, probably more we realise and trying to deal with it in their own way.

Finally, I know it sounds cliched, but remembering to be grateful for all you have in your life at the moment also helps to deal with the anger. It could be your health and that of your family, your work,  finally have an abundance of time on your hands, the weather.   Whatever it is, take time to be grateful for it.

I do realise that there are many people who have been directly affected by covid-19, having either lost a loved one, lost their job, have struggled personally with the illness or  are working on the front line and dealing and coming in contact with this illness every day.  I can completely understand that gratitude may not be something that can come easy at this time.

Without doubt, our lives have changed a lot over the last couple of weeks and we had to adjust really fast to the change.  We don’t have control over this situation and when we don’t have control, it causes use to spin and feel a wide range of emotions.  The only thing we have control over at the moment are your thoughts and the way you react.  Now more than ever, it is so important to look after your mental health, ensure that you are exercising regularly, eating properly and getting a good nights sleep.  As tempting and all as it is to reach for the bottle of wine, try to limit it to the weekend.

If you are struggling with your feelings of anger, anxiety, sadness or other overwhelming emotions at the moment  and want to get some control over it, do get in touch.  I am doing coaching sessions via zoom or skype.  I am offering discounted Life coaching sessions to those that have lost their jobs during this pandemic.   Thank you for reading

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