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Hi, I am Carol a Business and Personal Life Coach and I am here to help you fulfil your personal and professional goals.  I grew up in Tipperary and am now living in a little village called Kilmessan in Co. Meath with my husband and 2 children.  I haven’t always been a Life Coach. My career started out in the software industry, where I spent 19 years working for a large multinational company.

During that time I gained a wealth of experience in managing and leading people.  My favourite part of the job was working 1:1 with team members to help them grow and achieve their full potential.  I was first introduced to coaching about 3 years ago.  The company I worked for was developing a coaching culture and I had the opportunity to first work with a coach and then train as a coach.  This enjoyable experience has led me to obtain a diploma in Business and Personal Life Coaching. 

Through coaching I have had the opportunity to work with people to help them overcome barriers and major blocks in their lives.  Negative self-talk and negative thoughts have a huge impact on our confidence, self-belief and self-worth.   The majority of us are not even aware when we are talking negatively to ourselves.  

I have experienced personally the impact lack of confidence and lack of self-worth can have on your career and personal life.  It can make you feel like you are caught in a tight grip, you want to move forward but you are continuously pulled backwards by your negative thoughts and voices telling you that you are not good enough.  Having experienced all these thoughts and emotions myself, I have great empathy and compassion for my clients.

My passion is about helping people who are feeling stuck in life, their career, a relationship or struggling with weight issues.  If this sounds like you, I want to help to empower you to work towards what you really want in life.  Change can evoke feelings of fear and anxiety.  As a coach, I will help you work through the fear, anxiety and other personal barriers that are holding you back.  I believe it is important that we change our internal dialogue and start really believing in ourselves.  Each and every person is worthy of the life they truly desire.

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